What is meltblown cloth? What is the difference between meltblown cloth and non-woven fabric?

What is meltblown cloth? What is the difference between meltblown cloth and non-woven fabric?

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In the custom T-shirt, there is a fabric that is very skin-friendly and comfortable, and it is also cool and breathable to wear. You can enjoy a cold in the summer heat. This fabric is silk, which is more comfortable and breathable than pure cotton, cotton linen, and silk. Fabric, silk has become the first choice for custom T-shirts in summer, precisely because silk custom T-shirts are more expensive, so we need to pay attention to some things when cleaning silk custom T-shirts.

First of all, the raw material used in the custom-made silk T-shirt is silk fiber, which is relatively delicate. If it is not washed properly, the silk surface is easily deformed, wrinkled and faded. So don't wash it with a washing machine, don't scrub it hard, and don't expose men shorts set it to the men's hoodie sun, which will damage the color and fabric quality.

Secondly, when washing silk custom T-shirts, it cannot be washed in alkaline solution or high temperature water. The correct method is: first soak the clothing in water and then take it out, then put neutral laundry detergent in warm water, and after it is completely dissolved, gently swing the clothing up and down, rub it, mens hoodies & sweatshirts and then filter it with clean water.

Finally, there is a hand-washing method, which is to use a neutral washing product for silk. First, stir the detergent in the water by hand before putting it into the clothes. The water temperature should not be too high, and the T-shirt should not be soaked in water for more than 15 minutes. Gently scrub with hands, rinse with clean water after washing, remove soapy liquid, do not wring dry. When drying, you need to hoodie pay attention to the reverse side of the T-shirt, put it in a cool place and let it dry naturally, and then iron it when it is 80% dry.

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